Keep your god to yourself

Don’t ask me to pray to your god,

I think he’s sicker than humanity.

Don’t tell me what to believe

I don’t like the taste of the Kool-Aid you’re drinking.

I’ve made that mistake before.

Its bitter liquid is full of undue penance and shame

veiled, marketed, and sold as love.

You think you have all of the answers

But all you do is hide your head in the sand

While swallowing spoon-fed lies.

You look at me like a lost sheep,

But I’m not the one falling blindly in line.

Disillusionment was my liberator.

My eyes are more open than ever before.

I do not need your religion to soften life’s edges.

There is beauty in both life’s petals and thorns.

And I’m not afraid of any of it.

So stop shoving your dogma uninvited down my throat.

Walk your own path, and let me enjoy my own.

Nothing is missing from my life;

Hell, I’m better than ever before.

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