Who is "Squirrelli"?

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Elli. Or “Squirrelli,” if you fancy it.

On a good day, my mind is a highway with bumper-to-bumper thought traffic. On a hectic day, it feels more like navigating a busy intersection where traffic lights are – at best – a suggestion.

Combine that mental chaos with a high-energy personality that gets excited over the smallest things, and you have one squirrelly personality.

Despite these traits, I somehow managed to build a career in writing. Over the last 12 years, I’ve covered the music beat for national publications, written features for local newspapers, published three novels, ghostwritten hundreds of blogs for clients and produced consumer and marketing research for a reputable global company.

There was only one downside to my blossoming career: the more I grew professionally, the less I wrote for myself. What was once my personal blog evolved into my professional website, and with that transition came an end to the introspective and curious content I had been publishing. I could no longer write about personal views or experiences without questioning how it would impact my “brand” or professional career.

Thus, A Little Squirrelli was born. This is my safe haven; a place where writing has no limitations and I can share my thoughts the way I did before my passion became a career. You’ll find posts about daily life, books I’ve read, places I’ve traveled, things I’ve experienced, etc.

Simply put, this website is a diary with an open front door. I simply ask that if you step across the threshold, you do so with a kind heart.

Thanks for being curious. ❤


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