How do we make amends with an angry world?

“In the past, we were allied in making each other suffer more, allied in the escalation of anger. Now we want to be allied in taking good care of our sorrow, our anger, and our frustration. We want to negotiate a strategy for peace.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

We are all angry.

The world is angry.

Every side, every race, every nation can feel it.

We’ve created war among each other.

Among our nations; among our friends; among our families.

But what if we began to shift our alliance away from the things that hurt ourselves and each other?

What if we chose to mend the pain within ourselves by seeing the good in others in spite of our differences?

Shouting isn’t working.

Lecturing isn’t working.

But love just might.

“Don’t wait. Don’t put forth conditions, saying, “If you don’t make an effort to reconcile, then I won’t either.” This will not work. Peace, reconciliation, and happiness begin with you… There are many ways to communicate, and the best way is to show that you no longer feel any anger or condemnation. You show that you understand and accept the other person. You communicate this not only by your words, but also by your way of being-with your eyes full of compassion and your actions full of tenderness.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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