Book Review: Sword of Destiny

This is the second book in The Witcher series that I’ve read, and thus far my favorite. You would never know this book is a translation from the author’s original Polish manuscript. It reads smoothly, with no descriptions, action or witty dialogue lost in translation.

I’ll preface by saying it was Netflix’s Witcher series that drew me toward the books, and both this book and the previous one (The Last Wish) follow the storyline of season one.

However, that doesn’t take away from the books at all. In fact, those who have watched the series will find that the book fills in many gaps and answers many questions that arise if you aren’t familiar with The Witcher’s story.

Geralt’s Character Development Really Shines in the Sword of Destiny

While The Last Wish felt like a clever satire of well known fables, Sword of Destiny really delves into Geralt’s internal struggles. For a “mutant” with limited emotional capacity, you see real development and insight into his fears and how much he truly cares about the people in his life. From his dear, troublemaking friend Dandelion to his love for Yennefer, you see the witcher break from his stone-faced mold through silent acts of compassion that speak volumes.

However, even those two dear companions don’t hold a candle for Geralt’s affection toward Ciri. The ten-year-old child of destiny captures the witcher’s cold heart in a way that humanizes him. You witness him wrestle between his own fears of death and being alone against his desire to raise the child promised to him by destiny.

Sapkowski really drives this home in the final chapter of the book that literally had me smiling as I read the final pages. I absolutely loved the ending, which made me give this already excellent book 5 stars and a high recommendation.

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