Book Review: Concept to Conclusion

Rated 5/5 Stars.

Jyssica delivers well beyond what she promises in “Concept to Conclusion,” outlining the basic steps of writing a book from start to finish, and then feeding you tips on the essential and ongoing step of marketing.

This book was an incredibly fast and easy read. I was able to start and finish it in a single afternoon. Her writing voice is simple, straight-forward and engaging. There’s no fluff as Jyssica chops up useful and actionable advice into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and recall, from how to write a book to habits you can adopt that make the process easier. She also includes suggestions for resources (many of which I use myself!) that will save you a wealth of time and research.

As a professional writer and author, I found her advice to be spot-on. If you’re eager to write but stalled by uncertainty over where to start, definitely pick this title up. It makes for an excellent guidebook for entrepreneurs or budding writers looking to publish a nonfiction book.

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